What is it like sleeping in one of your glamping tents?

Falling asleep comfortably in amongst this pristine natural wonder is truly a mesmerizing experience; breathing in the fresh jungle air under an endless night sky full of stars, cleansing your heart and soul.

Do you have light pollution outside? Is your place a great location to star gaze?

The resort is partially lit up at night, allowing guests to comfortably wander at night through the lush gardens. A 5 minute walk outside on the beach will allow for the best star gazing.

At night, what sounds does one hear aside from the sea? Do you get noise from the outdoors? We’d like to know how it is sleeping in one of your tents.

Sleeping at night you will hear the soft sounds of nearby waves and the tree leaves rustling in the wind above. The sounds truly make you feel you and sleeping in a natural paradise.

What about your mattresses and pillows? What are they like?

Each tent is fitted with two 5 star queen size mattresses with pillows for the best comfort inside the tent.

Are there other improvements in the design of the tent interiors and furnishings you’d like to introduce?

There will be no change to the interior design for Nacpan Beach Glamping for now, although we are continuously searching for ways of making our guests’ stay with us more comfortable and enjoyable.

How many more tents are you adding in the next few years? Will you still keep the current ambience and feeling of privacy with additional tents?

We currently have no plans on adding additional tents. Nacpan Beach Glamping thrives on the idea of a low density, personalized and private experience. So in keeping with this, we will limit the resort to the current number of tents.

What other facilities are you introducing at Nacpan Glamping in the next few years? A swimming pool? A spa? Do you have an in-room masseuse?

Nacpan Beach Glamping has recently opened it’s own private pool with a small poolside bar for guests to enjoy. We do also offer massages in the tents or on the beach.

Do you accept room service? Is there a tea-making facility or coffee maker in the tent?

Due to this style of accommodation, where guests are separated by only a layer of canvas from the natural environment, we currently do not allow food and drinks inside the tent in order to prevent the very keen animals outside from finding their way in!

How is Wi-Fi in the area?

There is wifi throughout the resort and inside the neighboring restaurant, exclusively for Glamping guests. Although given the remote location, it can be intermittent from time to time.

How is electricity supply in the area?

Nacpan Beach Glamping has 24h electricity. However, again due to the style of accommodation whereby the tents become impossible to cool during the day, we do turn off the airconditioning between 10am and 4pm.

How are you positioning your resort in the market? As a luxury glamping stay or a mid-range glamping stay?

We believe we offer a unique kind luxury experience catering specifically to those who wish to spend a holiday close to nature, with 5 star personalized service and comfort.

What’s the best thing about staying in a glamping tent?

Nacpan Beach Glamping offers a unique combination of wild jungle, pristine beach and luxury styled Tianhai tents; truly the first of its kind in the World. The feeling of being so close to nature in the comfort of a spacious luxury tent is certainly the most spectacular aspect of Nacpan Beach Glamping.

If you were to organise a two-night, three-day itinerary at Nacpan Clamping, what would this consist of? What activities and tours would you recommend.

If guests were to book two or three nights at Glamping, perhaps they could spend one day relaxing on the beach, and the other day partaking in an island tour from El Nido. All the tours and transport we can assist with at the resort.

Have you ever hosted weddings at Nacpan Glamping? Is this something you think you'd like to pursue in the future?

We have not yet hosted a wedding, but certainly this is something we would be open to in the future. We would require at least 1 years notice however, due to popular demands and limited availability.

What about honeymooning guests? What type of activities and special offers do you have for such guests? Is there a particular tent you reserve for honeymooning couples? Why? Tell us more about the service you can offer for a romantic stay?

We love hosting honeymooners! We do indeed offer very special setups for them inside the tent and private candlelit dinners on the beach for additional fees. We are very often hosting couples on their honeymoon and anniversary. We often have couple proposing at the resort as well. It does seem Glamping has a special romantic appeal to cater to such occasions.

When is the best time to book at Nacpan Glamping? Why?

Nacpan Beach Glamping can be a wonderful experience all year round. This is really something that depends on the preferences of the guest. During the months of February to May, the beach is beautiful and water is calm, yet the days become quite hot! The rainy season the sea can be a little rough and it rains from time to time, but the days remain cool and the tents cozy inside. The dry months are also the busiest months, so guests seeking to have a more peaceful and private holiday when the beach is less busy tend to visit in the rainy season. For this reason, there is no real best time to book.

Tell us about your restaurant’s chef and his background. Food is important to guests so they’d like to know about the chef’s expertise.

Nacpan Beach Glamping currently does not have a restaurant of its own. However, we have partnered with the neighboring restaurant to provide breakfast buffet and dinner. Their menu is diverse with an international variety, ranging from Pork Ribs and traditional Pork Sisig, to authentic Italian Pizza. Cocktails are fantastic with elaborate garnish and mixes! Their Head Chefs are World travelled chefs, having worked in 5 Start Resorts around Asia and Cruise ships circumnavigating the Globe.

What about environmental efforts? Do you have new efforts in helping protect the environment?

Nacpan Beach Glamping is actively involved in the protection of Sea Turtles nesting on Nacpan Beach. To date, we have released over 10,000 hatchlings. The turtle hatchery was the first initiative we undertook at Nacpan, prior to any development. The hatchery is entirely privately funded by us, and so every guest who stays with us, inevitably contributes and becomes part of this crucial initiative. Nacpan Beach Glamping has also installed a state of the art STP, whereby all water is recycled and reused to water the gardens around the tents.

What kind of guests are you getting in terms of nationality mix? Do you get more Filipinos? Do you get younger people or a mix?

We do get a huge variety of nationalities staying at Nacpan Beach Glamping. The majority of our guests do come from within Asia, however; more and more are booking from Europe and North/South America.

What are some of the best things to do while in the resort?

Most of our guests enjoy relaxing on the beach or beside the pool. Nacpan Beach Glamping is the perfect place to escape to and cleanse the soul of worries and stress. It is a place of peace and tranquility, surrounded by a lush natural aura.

How far is Nacpan glamping from El Nido town? Do you have a shuttle service or does one order a tricycle? How far are you from the airport?

Nacpan is approximate 45 minutes North of El Nido town. The most convenient way to reach us is by catching the Nacpan Beach Shuttle Service from El Nido Town. Other than this we are happy to organise private transfers for our guests.

Are you planning to add more glamping sites in El Nido, Palawan or the country?

For now we are focussed on perfecting the experience at Nacpan Beach Glamping, and have no existing plans to expand.

How to book your stay at Nacpan Beach Glamping.

The best way to book your tent, is to visit our own website and make a 50% deposit using PayPal. The remaining 50% can either be settled with us over PayPal as well, or otherwise will be collected in cash upon your arrival. On our website we guarantee the best price, being usually 5~10% cheaper than other booking channels. Unfortunately we are not yet accepting card payments, so please ensure you bring sufficient cash with you for your stay.